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Welcome to the Cusick Center for Learning – the new e-learning branch of Progressive GaitWays!

Responding to popular demand (and compelling survey results), we hereby launch the Cusick Center for Learning (CCL for short)!

I’m eager to begin this journey with you by sharing a fundamental key to boosting most of your pediatric therapy outcomes.- Beverly (Billi) Cusick, PT, MS, NDT, COF/BOC

The Cusick Center for Learning (CCL) is now open for business – offering you live interactive webinars and pre-recorded online courses to meet your continuing education needs, at your convenience and well within your CE budget. In early 2018 we sent out a survey to our customers and colleagues to better understand their continuing education needs.You have told us, in no uncertain terms, that you want 24/7 online access to Beverly Cusick’s world-class training and continuing education content. Cusick Center for Learning will also host in-person labs and hands-on training throughout the year to complement your online learning experience, just as you requestedWe are committed to providing top notch education to help you build your foundations, outcomes, and resources.

Upcoming Courses:

Beverly (Billi) Cusick will present the first two installments of an exciting new course series – The “Golden Rule” of Managing Pediatric Orthopedic and Motor Development.

The first two courses are as follows:

Course 1:  The “Golden Rule” of Managing Pediatric Orthopedic and Motor Development:  Early Postural Control Acquisition• RECORDED VERSION AVAILABLE SOON 

Course #2:  The “Golden Rule” of Managing Pediatric Orthopedic and Motor Development:  Expanding Postural Control into Movement • LIVE • RESCHEDULED October 16, 2018 • 6:00 pm (US/Mountain) • $45.00 USD

PLEASE NOTE:  You must complete the first course before attending course 2.

In this hour-long program, the instructor discusses the biomechanical and somatosensory aspects of the developing infant’s progress after stabilizing the body center of mass in prone and supine positions. In this next phase of early movement acquisition, lying leads to rolling and body weight is displaced in the frontal plane and elevated off the surface into quadruped position. The instructor’s golden rule is applied in suggested biomechanical and somatosensory strategies for remediating deficits.

Download Course #2 Description


Target audience/Level: We invite all practicing clinicians and students of physical therapy, occupational therapy, orthotics, rehabilitation medicine, and orthopedics to join us! The content level is Intermediate: attendees are expected to know neuromusculoskeletal anatomy, kinesiology, and the components and functions of the nervous system as it relates to balance and movement.

Can I get continuing education (CEU) credits for this series? CEU approved for PTs and PTAs in California and state boards that recognize CEUs approved in other states (e.g. Maine). If  you have questinons, please email Melanie Figaro,

Note: The live webinars are hosted via WebinarJam, the pre-eminent provider of live educational content. After you register for the live webinar, you will be linked over to the CCL page on to complete your attendee information. WebinarJam will send you confirmation and reminder emails with a link, a password, and a calendar reminder to access the live presentation.


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