HeelRite Field Trial Survey

HeelRite Field Trial Response

Your Name(Required)
HeelRite model/size tested
Wear history(Required)
How often did your child or client wear the HeelRite inserts?

How long was the typical wear time(Required)
What was the typical length of time your child or patient wore the inserts?

Please describe any factors that led to the wear times being less than all day, every day.
Refused to wearResisted, but would wear under protestWould wear, but wanted them removed laterNo comfort or fit issues raisedForgot they were wearing them
Material failed / units fracturedMaterial weak / units crackedNo change to appearance or performanceUnits show expected signs of wear, but no loss of integrity or functionUnits look brand new, even after wear
In regards to changes in standing balance, width of the base walking pattern, and walking stability, which best describes your observations of your child or client while wearing the inserts?
No appreciable difference during wearSlight improvements noted during wearNoticeable improvements noted during wearSignificant visible or measurable improvements during wear
Standing Base
Walking Base
Episodes of Falling (per session)
Episodes of Stumbling (per session)
Please provide any other feedback (pro or con) from your trial experience - effects of wearing the inserts, size and fit within shoes, etc.
If you *happen* to have any photos or videos of your experience, you can upload them here or send them to 970-708-2302. (Be sure to include your name if you send by phone.)
Drop files here or
Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, mov, avi, mp4, Max. file size: 100 MB, Max. files: 6.

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