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Key Resources for the Rehab Clinician and Invested Caregiver

Download docsGaitWays founder Beverly (Billi) Cusick reads “the literature” constantly, always on the lookout for new references, key resources, and the latest scientific validations (or refutations, as the case may be). She’s also been known to author an important work or two.

Here is a list of current offerings for your consideration:

Popliteal Angle? An In-Depth Critique of a Reliability Study (July 2016)
Billi dismantles the article “Reliability of popliteal angle measurement: a study in cerebral palsy patients and healthy controls.” (J Pediatr Orthop. 2007; 27(6): 648-652. ten Berge SR, Halbertsma JPK, Maathuis PGM, et al.)

Clever Postural Control Training Aid for the Home or School
(Hint: Oscar the Grouch was on to something!…)

An Open Letter to Caretakers of Children with Diplegic Cerebral Palsy

Una Carta Abierta para los cuidadores de niños con parálisis cerebral Diplegic – ¡Ahora disponible en español! (Translated by  Ursula Ivancic, Kinesióloga Fisiatra Neurorehabilitación Pediátrica Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Myth # 1: The definition of spasticity as presented by JW Lance (1980) has been proven to be valid (update in process)

Myth #2 : The Modified Ashworth Scale (MAS) is a valid test of spasticity (update in process)

Identifying Healthy Pediatric Feet – 2020 Update

Let’s Talk about the Terms – Wading Into the Nomenclature

Orthotic Management of Children with Low Tone

Help Patients Manage Equinus Deformity

Have a favorite publication you want to recommend? Let us know!

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