Developmental Orthopedics of the Trunk & Lower Extremity

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A One Day Review of Operating Processes With Implications for Management

Course Summary

This introductory program features an overview of the processes that contribute to pediatric orthopedic development, including the following:

Skeletal modeling mechanisms and influences.

The influences of the biomechanics of ideal neonatal alignment on modeling the spine and lower- extremity joints and on postural control acquisition.

The roles of postural control and massed practice on the orthopedic and functional development.

Developmental changes in muscle and connective-tissue extensibility.

The implementation of elements of S.A. Sahrmann’s muscle balance theory in managing developmental orthopedic and neuromuscular problems.

Strategies for optimizing somatosensory input, postural alignment, and postural control.

Using musculoskeletal assessment findings to gauge effectiveness of therapeutic management.

These principles are applied to pathomechanics commonly observed in children with hypotonia, cerebral palsy, excessive foot pronation, and intoed gait. The content presented in this program is considered fundamental to any (future) discussion of the specific features of orthopedic trunk and lower extremity development.



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DevOrtho Course Description (PDF)


Beverly (Billi) Cusick, PT, MS, COF is an internationally-known pediatric physical therapist whose specialty is the management of lower extremity deformity, particularly in children with cerebral palsy and other CNS deficits.

Ms. Cusick received her BS in PT from Bouve College at Northeastern University (Boston), and her MS in Clinical and College Teaching for Allied Health Professionals from the University of Kentucky in Lexington. She is an Associate Professor for the Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions – Pediatrics Program – Provo, Utah (2006-present) and is NDT basic- and baby-trained.

Since 1978 she has written or co-authored over a dozen publications. She has guest-lectured at annual conferences of the APTA, the NDTA, and the American Academy of CP and Developmental Medicine; at the ISPO Consensus Conference for Orthotics in CP; for the British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists; and most recently at the International Conference on Cerebral Palsy in Sydney, Australia.

Ms. Cusick is the founder of Progressive GaitWays, LLC and the inventor, President, and Chief Medical Officer of TheraTogs, Inc.

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