The TheraTogs Research Partner Program allows clinicians and caregivers to purchase TheraTogs™ rehab systems directly, and provides a rebate in return for the submission of three small sets of anonymous patient and clinical outcomes data.

How the Research Partner Program Works

When the clinician determines that a TheraTogs system is needed:
  1. The clinician downloads the Research Partner packet containing the initial Prescription Form, Sizing Form, and pricing information.
  2. The clinician fills out the TheraTogs Prescription Form, giving us anonymous information about the client and the goals/objectives for the TheraTogs modality.
  3. The clinician (or the caregiver) fills out the Order Form and faxes or mails it – along with the completed Prescription Form – to Progressive GaitWays with payment (check, Visa, or MasterCard).
To obtain the Research Partner Program rebate:

(Rebates are paid to the original purchaser-of-record)

  1. The clinician measures or otherwise quantifies outcomes while the client is wearing the TheraTogs, collecting the data on three different dates – usually during therapy sessions, and at least a week apart.
  2. The clinician records the findings on the Clinical Findings form. (The form is supplied with your TheraTogs order, or you can download it here.)
  3. When the clinician has completed (at least) three Clinical Findings forms, she/he sends them to Progressive GaitWays via fax, mail, or email.
  4. We’ll credit the purchaser 30% of their purchase price of the TheraTogs. (We will contact you for any clarifications or amplifications needed.)

The program, now in its 16th year, has allowed over 1,000 clients to gain the benefits of Therapy You Wear™ while providing valuable research data used to support reimbursement claims, product design, and additional TheraTogs product development.

(For a wealth of information about TheraTogs, check out the product company’s website:

Questions?  Contact ProGaitWays Customer Service – or (866) 410-8062

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