TENTATIVE • Pediatric Foot & Ankle Deformity Management with Serial Casting (Telluride CO)

May 3, 2021 – May 8, 2021 all-day
The River Club
550 W Depot Ave
Telluride, CO 81320
$1650 Tuition + $500/$600 Housing Fee
Course Administration

Instructor: Beverly Cusick, PT, MS, NDT, COF/BOC


NOTE: For the Spring 2021 courses, we are collecting $500 deposits first, then once each course is considered a “go”, we’ll contact you for payment of the balance due.

Who Should Attend: Physical therapists, certified orthotists, physicians in physical medicine & rehabilitation, and pediatric orthopedists. (Sorry, no PTAs or ortho techs.)

Six days, six colleagues, world-renowned instructor, practice-changing content, hands-on labs… and a beautiful location at off-season rates. How could you miss it?

In a collegial living-room setting, Beverly (Billi) Cusick relates the role of postural alignment and control to developing foot alignment and function, equinus deformity development, and management strategies using tuned AFOs and casts. In lab sessions, participants assess the ankle and foot, optimize postural alignment and function from the foot up, and fabricate below-knee casts that support neuromotor training.

Go home with a solid introduction to pediatric foot & ankle development, normal and pathomechanical foot function, and novice-level skills in: a) assessing the foot and ankle; b) posting orthoses to optimize postural control and foot function; and c) fabricating 3 types of below-knee cast used progressively.

Bonus: You receive access to two pre-course webinars, a set of fully-referenced handout materials, and an assessment tool kit.

Double-Bonus: Get trained for TheraTogs Fitter Certification Level-I, Posture and Torso Alignment, at no additional cost (optional).


Here are the factors we’re working with:

Per our usual practice, we have selected course dates in late April and early May – Telluride’s spring off-season – to keep your housing costs low. Off season is a time of peacefulness in Telluride – no summer crowds, no ski crowds… no crowds, period. All of which reduces the risk of COVID exposure from the community, or from the lower numbers of visitors from out of town.

We reserve 2 spacious condos – each with 3 bedrooms, and each bedroom with its own bathroom. Due to the off-season scheduling, the River Club facility is typically nearly vacant during our courses; we’re told that it will be at no more than 50% capacity this fall.

We hold the course in the largest condo in the facility, and can arrange seating to keep attendees apart. We know we cannot separate you during foot assessment and casting labs, but we will provide face masks and gloves, keep the space well-ventilated, and practice careful vigilance and cleaning protocols.

Telluride is located in San Miguel County – 8,000 residents spread over a 1,289 square miles region. The county’s public health team does an excellent job of reporting on COVID-19 test results, cases, and trends, and has been on top of things since February. The state, as well as the town of Telluride itself, is strict about wearing face masks and strongly supports social distancing practices.

Please do have a look at the 2 links on this government website: https://covid-19-sanmiguelco.hub.arcgis.com/ – the meter and the dashboard – so you can assess your risks regarding attending the course this spring.

To state the obvious, we honor all directives regarding protection, social distancing, and meeting practices. You even get a complimentary Respiro mask, courtesy of our sister company, TheraTogs, Inc.

Note: We require a minimum of four attendees per session; your registration in the Spring course will be pending – and we will not process payments – until we confirm the course.

Given the current circumstances, we STRONGLY recommend that you purchase refundable/changeable airfare, once your course registration is confirmed. We are not responsible for travel expenses in the event the course is cancelled or postponed.

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